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Alberto is a German brand, world-renowned for making pants to perfection praiseworthy of great tailors. Their recognition extends past fashion innovation, right to the garments’ manufacturing and finishing process. In 1922 Albert Dormanns founded Dormanns’ Trouser Factory where he made pants and other clothing destined mainly for labourers. As the years went by, the company gained experience and became specialised in the manufacture of quality men’s pants.
In the 80s, the company created the Alberto pants collection, a style incarnating the latest fashion trends.

Owing to recent technology advances, the company can market garments of unparalleled quality. The Alberto collection includes jeans, dress and casual pants known for their comfort and durability, and, of course, their innovation. These pants are manufactured with great precision and painstaking attention to detail.

Thanks to the success of the Alberto collections, Albert Dormanns’ company became Alberto in 2003 and has since been pursuing technologies that enable the creation of pants of uncontested quality and style.

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Altea has been specializing in the manufacture of ties and accessories for over a hundred years. This Italian brand makes elegant and sophisticated ties that embody modernity and the latest in fashion. Giueseppe Sartori founded Altea in 1892.

His ties seduced the Milanese first and then took over the fashion industry thanks to their luxurious fabrics, which made them attractive and magnificent. The company’s reputation skyrocketed in very little time allowing it to continue impressing clients with its innovation.

Altea offers that touch of originality you need to make your suit perfect. Solids or patterns, Altea ties bring out your style giving you a remarkable appearance.


Baumler is a German brand known worldwide for manufacturing high-end garments with extreme care. One out of every four suits sold in Europe is a Baumler. Customers trust Baumler because their suits are made with painstaking attention to detail.

Baumler offers its clients a style that is both, modern and classic. These unique suits are made to perfection with zero tolerance for irregularity. Suits of the same size are entirely identical. In the spirit of German precision, Baumler chooses its fabrics from the best Italian fabric merchants. Ergo, a reliable brand that offers its customers goods of incomparable quality.

Bugatchi Uomo

Bugatchi markets a collection of sport shirts with colors and motives suitable for catwalks. Over the last twenty years, the company has occupied a major spot in the male fashion industry.

Bugatchi’s reputation is driven by its sporty clothes and coats which are both chic and casual.

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Florsheim shoes are known for their distinguished style, comfort and superior quality. In 1892, Milton Florsheim began making shoes in a small Chicago factory in the USA.

Very quickly, he realised that customers took to his shoes thanks to their mix of comfort, quality and, naturally, style. Little by little, the Florsheim company expanded its production across several American cities. During the two world wars, it was Florsheim who supplied the boots to American troops. The quality, finish, durability and comfort of the shoes elevated the Florsheim brand to great heights; in 1966, company factories were already making one pair of shoes every four seconds. Today, Florsheim shoes are known all over the world for their classic style, comfort and superior quality.

Hush Puppies

In 1958, Hush Puppies created the first true casual shoe, perfect for informal occasions. Hush Puppies shoes continue to innovate and excel for over fifty years.

Hush Puppies offers its customers shoes designed for comfort and the wellbeing of their feet, while allowing them to breathe and relax. In addition, technologies exclusive to Hush Puppies make for light, flexible, scratch, water and stain-resistant shoes. Hush Puppies’s first and foremost concern is with the comfort and quality of its shoes. The brand’s popularity grew over the years and has now come to know a skyrocketing success since its creation. Millions of shoes are now sold over 136 countries. Today, Hush Puppies is one of the five biggest casual shoe brands in the world.

Why do we buy Hush Puppies? Simply because they help the wearer relax, away from the strains of everyday life.

Jack Victor

Jack Victor is both a brand and manufacturer of suits, jackets and trousers. Founded in 1913, Jack Victor continues to manufacture clothing of reliable quality. It’s already been a hundred years of high-quality merchandise and remarkable customer service for Jack Victor. This Montreal family business exports its goods not only to the United States but everywhere in the world. Its success is endless thanks to the quality and reliability of its product.

The Jack Victor collection consists of over 800 different fabrics from elite manufacturers like Loro Piana, Estrato, Reda, Barberis, Lessona several others. These fabrics are carefully chosen based on fiber quality and seasonal tendencies. A successful suit requires several phases, from the stylist’s sketch all the way to the finishing. Putting together one suit requires 300 activities, all carried out by experienced and qualified workers.

Jack Victor uses traditional and modern manufacturing methods which reflect its very look and style: a successful blend of classic and contemporary.

Jacques Britt

Jacques Britt produces millions of shirts sold per year internationally. The success of this brand is due to the delicacy, durability and elegance of these high quality shirts. Gerd Seidensticker founded Jacques Britt in 1969. He chose a French first name, Jacques, and an English second name, Britt, for the brand, in order to tailor it to an international market. The company logo, a zebra, stands for courage, determination, freedom and elegance with which Jacques Britt forged his territory in the fashion industry.

Being a near-exclusive manufacturer of shirts, Jacques Britt acquired incomparable and unequal experience. Its shirts are made from the best cotton fabric in the market. This German company makes no compromise in quality. It ensures that each shirt stands to its reputation. Jacques Britt is indeed a manufacturer shirts that are both, elegant and pleasant to wear.

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Mobil Elasto is a revolutionary new style of pants with great mobility thanks to their elasticity and flexibility. The brand name reflects specific innovative products of unrivaled quality. In 1901, two friends, Fritz Heinecke and Arnold Klaproth, decided to start a textile business in Hanover, a north German city.

It started as a cotton seller and turned into a revolutionary pants design and manufacturer in the sixties. These pants are made of very comfortable and stretch fabrics and waistbands. And for the perfect final touch, a leather and canvas belt comes with m.e.n.s. pants, offering the wearer great mobility. For work or for leisure, m.e.n.s. offers a collection of durable pants adapted to your style regardless of occasion.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors is an American designer known for his casual yet stylish, luxurious and comfortable clothes. For 30 years, Michael Kors combines casual style and prestige to create its products. His perseverance and relentless work paid off. He now needs a team of talented and experienced designers to help create his various collections that criss-cross the globe.

Michael Kors won several awards in the last decade in recognition to his contribution to the industry, including the infamous CFDA (COUNCIL of FASHION DESIGNERS of AMERICA) award for the best men’s clothes creator in 2003. His creations stand out thanks to their style, quality and comfort.

JAF Prêt-à-Porter carries the Michael Kors casual collection for men and suits for children.

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Robert Graham

From its very founding in 2001, Robert Graham creates casual, sophisticated and colorful shirts. Robert Stock invented a radically new Robert Graham brand whose style he calls “American Eclectic”. Robert Graham products are unique, luxurious and elegant albeit casual. Year after year, the Robert Graham keeps surprising us. The workmanship and finish of each one of their products is impressive.

Wearing a Robert Graham creation is like wearing a unique, one-of-a-kind collection piece. For example, Robert Graham shirts are made out of four different fabrics and come embroidered with the motto “Knowledge, Wisdom, Truth” which reflects the true spirit of Robert Graham. In very little time, Robert Stock turned his brand into a permanent feature in men’s fashion. Sophisticated men can now wear quality casual clothing and still be elegant.

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Ted Baker

Since its inception in 1987 in Glasgow, Ted Baker has known a dazzling rise in the field of English and global men’s fashion. This brand offers a unique and unusual style. Ted Baker suits are known for their refinement and elegance. Their tailored cut adapts to the body shape for a sublime effect.

Ted Baker makes suits intended to be reliable and lasting. They come with additional pockets perfect for today’s businessman, designed specifically for pens, money, passports and, of course, cellphones. Ted Baker adapted to the needs of modern-day man by providing nearly tailor-made suits with a reputation for adapting to each man’s lifestyle.

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Tommy Bahama

For twenty years, Tommy Bahama has had only one goal: “Make life one long weekend”;   a motto embodies relaxed and cool style. Tommy Bahama is designed for sunny summer days and for tourists travelling to hot countries – mainly the islands. The company entered men’s fashion selling silk print shirts. Its success brought on rapid development and worldwide sales.

Tommy Bahama is known for quality and light clothing. Wearing Tommy Bahama embodies an island-inspired lifestyle. Casual and comfortable, tommy Bahama clothing gives you a sense of escape simply by wearing it.

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